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Livre SURF TRAVEL - The Complete Guide 2nd Edition


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Livre SURF TRAVEL - The Complete Guide 2nd Edition

The surf travellers bible, featuring the best travel destinations around the world, with over 50 top surf destinations including Australia and New Zealand. Surf Travel showcases the best surfing destinations in the world.

Packed with stunning photos, practical advice and essential up-to-date information with an additional three chapters. The book features classic and off the beaten surf destinations.

1. Find out where to surf on the Arctic Circle
2. Discover off the beaten track surf destinations in west Africa
3. Meet the legends of surf travel
4. Coldwater surf destinations from Norway to Canada.
5. Beyond Bali - the lure of Indonesia
6 Pacific islands paradise locations

Packed with stunning photography by the world’s best photographers. As well as all the up-to-date essential information on all the classic destinations there is practical travel advice for surfers.

1. Essential up-to-date information on classic surf destinations.
2. Practical travel advice for surfers.
3. Foreword by 3 times world champion Mick Fanning.
4. Ultimate road trips and what to pack.
5. Tips from pro surfers.
6. Check list of travel essentials.
7. Fitness tips to get you into shape.
8. Advice for travelling safety.

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Livre SURF TRAVEL - The Complete Guide 2nd Edition